Standards for the coaching process

As a dialogical process, coaching is always voluntary, founded on personal responsibility, goal-oriented, open-ended and embedded in a setting that guarantees confidentiality. This process, constituting the actual provision of services, also requires quality criteria and standards.  


Coaching process model

The IOBC coaching process model outlines seven coaching steps. These include detailed descriptions of objectives and associated responsibilities for all participants in the process. 

Quality criteria for the coaching process

  • Professional context
  • Fostering change
  • Individualized
  • Time limited
  • Goal driven
  • Holistic
  • Voluntary
  • System independent

The process model describes the ideal iterative coaching process.

The coaching process model

The process model specifies the linear sequence of seven successive steps of a coaching process and the ideal iterative pattern of individual coaching sessions.

1. Initiation (in organizations)

  • Determining and identifying needs
  • Finding potentially suitable coaches
  • Matching and selecting a suitable coach
  • Making contact and clarifying the situation

2. Assessment and goal setting

  • Taking stock
  • Iterative goal setting
  • Offer and contract

3. Concern and context exploration

  • Reporting and reconstructions
  • Context analyses
  • Goal adjusting and guiding questions

4. Consolidation and pattern change

  • Relationship development activities of the coach
  • Focusing
  • Reflecting
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Developing action plans
  • Looking at reference objects

5. Solution and strategy development

  • Developing options and strategies

6. Implementation support

  • Trial alternatives
  • Learning process support
  • Transfer

7. Closure and evaluation

  • Closing assessment discussions
  • Evaluation instructions

The 7 coaching phases: 

  1. Initiation
  2. Assessment and goal setting
  3. Concern and context exploration
  4. Consolidation and pattern change
  5. Solution and strategy development
  6. Implementation support
  7. Closure and evaluation

The IOBC Coaching Compendium is a comprehensive document setting out our quality standards for coaches, coaching processes, coaching ethics, and coaching education & training.