The International Organization for Business Coaching e.V. (IOBC)

The highest standards for business coaching. Worldwide.

The IOBC is the only international professional coaching association focused on business and leadership. It represents and connects business coaches as well as business, science, research and training coaching experts with highest standards. Worldwide.

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Networking in business coaching. Worldwide.

In the name of developing quality, seriousness and professionalism in business coaching worldwide, the IOBC is currently in the founding phase of becoming a registered association in Germany (e.V.).  You can already contact us and we will inform you individually. Worldwide.

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Quality standards

Highest quality expectations. Worldwide.

Quality is indispensable in professional business coaching. Our standards are based on demanding and verifiable coach, coaching, ethics and education & training quality criteria. The foundation of these criteria is the "Coach Competence Model" (CCM).

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The IOBC Network

High performance coach finder. Worldwide.

The IOBC Network is a worldwide database of demanding professional coaching providers in the areas of business, leadership and education & training. All coaches and coaching providers in the IOBC Network are committed to the IOBC standards. 

Find more than 1.000 professional coaches in the IOBC Network.

IOBC Network – Find your business coaching provider. Worldwide. 

More than 1.000 coaches and coaching provider

All coaches and coaching providers of the IOBC Network are committed to the IOBC standards.

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National Associations

The IOBC sees itself as an umbrella organisation and connects members of National Associations with a focus on business coaching. Currently, the IOBC cooperates with

German Federal Association of Executive Coaching

Austrian Coaching Council

The DBVC and ACC are leading associations for business coaching and leadership in the German-speaking area. Both associations are the founders of the IOBC.


Demanding and verifiable business coaching standards to which all IOBC members are committed. Worldwide.


The highest expectations for responsible coaching and consistent quality. Worldwide.


Bundled business coaching competence uniting all business coaching market stakeholders. Worldwide. 


Highest level of professionalism for the challenges of the new world of work and leadership in the age of digitization. Worldwide.