Certified coaching education & trainings

We audit and certify coaching education & trainings whose curriculum manager is a Senior Coach (IOBC) and submits his coaching training for an IOBC certification process. 

All education programs certified by us meet the high quality standards of the IOBC in the following areas:  


  • At least 150 hours in at least 12 months
  • Curriculum is represented by a Senior Coach
  • Successfully established in the market (at least 3 successful runs)
  • At least one training course starts every year
  • Plausible concept for entrepreneurial design and implementation
  • Evaluation of the further training
  • Transparency
  • High demands on: didactics, personal and professional competence of the teaching staff, dealing with the reality of the profession and organisation, practical relevance


Graduates of an IOBC-certified coaching education & training program receive an institute's own certificate with the IOBC logo and IOBC Certification Number.  

The IOBC membership status Associate Coach (IOBC) is also an exclusive status for graduates of an IOBC certified coaching training. Graduates benefit from simplified admission with reduced membership fees.   

 IOBC-certified training programs

The following coaching training programs are currently certified by IOBC: 

For information on content and dates, please contact your preferred training provider. 


Integrative Coaching Training (Dr. Christopher Rauen)

The RAUEN coaching training programme trains you to become a coach on a part-time basis and with a practical orientation. Within one year you will learn the know-how to independently carry out coaching processes and develop your individual coaching concept. The integrative further education under the direction of Dr. Christopher Rauen and Andreas Steinhübel is methodologically oriented, i.e. different consulting approaches are used instead of being fixed on one procedure.  

Place: Northern Germany 

The training is certified by:  
International Organization for Business Coaching e.V. (IOBC) 
German Federal Association of Business Coaching e.V. (DBVC) 

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Coaching Training (Almut Probst)

The participants learn a basic format for each coaching session in order to be able to successfully manage the first coaching sessions. To work out the coach's concern clearly and to formulate it in a solution-oriented way is an important methodical step in the coaching discussion. We introduce the systemic-constructivist way of working and attitude. In order for the new to unfold in the coaching process, the appreciation of the old is necessary. It is therefore important that the coach has an attitude that is free of judgement and appreciation, that draws attention to the potential, so that it becomes free for the people and the task. 

Place: East Germany 

The training is certified by:  
International Organization for Business Coaching e.V. (IOBC) 
German Federal Association of Business Coaching e.V. (DBVC) 

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Standards for coaching trainings

The Coaching Compendium with the IOBC coaching standards

The IOBC "Coaching Compendium" is a comprehensive document setting out our quality standards for coaches, coaching processes, coaching ethics, and coaching education & training.



Associate Coach (IOBC)

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Graduates of IOBC-certified coaching training can easily obtain IOBC certification by applying to become an Associate Coach (IOBC)

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