Standards for coaching education and training

The goal of coaching educationand training is to impart a professional coaching-attitude and the requisite qualification for professional coaching. The professional standards presented here are based on the "professionalism" of the coach and help them secure and account for acquiring their professional competence and independent thought in their education and training.


Our quality standards for coaching education and training:


  • At least 150 hours over at least 12 months
  • A senior IOBC coach is accountable for the curriculum
  • The education or training institution is established in the market (at least 3 successful programs)
  • At least one program start per year
  • A plausible entrepreneurial design and implementation concept
  • IOBC audit
  • Transparency
  • High demands regarding:
    • Didactics
    • The personal and professional competences of the teaching staff
    • An engagement with professional and organizational reality
    • Practical relevance

These standards are relevant for:

  1. Coaching education and training providers
  2. Their target groups
  3. Their goals
  4. The educational content
  5. Didactics

The Coaching Compendium with the IOBC coaching standards

The IOBC "Coaching Compendium" is a comprehensive document setting out our quality standards for coaches, coaching processes, coaching ethics, and coaching education & training.


Coaching education and training qualify for the demanding role as internal, external or independent coach.