About the IOBC 

The International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) is a business coaching association ensuring the continuous development of quality, seriousness and professionalism in business coaching worldwide. 

The IOBC is the only international organization for professional coaching exclusively focused on business coaching and leadership. The IOBC represents and connects coaches and coaching experts from business, research and education & training (The "Four-Ring-Concept"). Worldwide.


With its research driven coaching quality standards, the IOBC has developed the highest quality criteria for the global coaching market.

The IOBC is the only organization for professional business coaching. Worldwide.

A business coaching quality seal

By uniting and networking our members, we are a leading force for high-level professional business coaching worldwide.


This benefits all stakeholders in the coaching market: 

  • Professional coaches
  • Coaching providers
  • Educational & training providers
  • Coaching purchasers
  • Coaching associations
  • Coaching clients
  • Coaching supporters

The IOBC is a registered association. For more information see: 

Membership & Cooperation

According to the "Four-Ring-Concept" we accept membership für single persons or cooperations with organizations, institutions and companies in the fields of coaching practice, business, science & research as well as education & training. 


Different forms of memberships* and options for a cooperation* are possible: 


  • National associations with the focus on business coaching
  • Professional coaches with a membership in a national association 
  • Professional coaches without membership in a national association 
  • Corporate and organizational in-house coaches
  • Corporate and organizational coaching experts
  • Companies & organizations that use in-house coaching
  • Coaching providers
  • business coaching educational & training providers
  • Scientific research experts
  • Institutions with coaching expertise

* Find out more about more about the membership requirements, the admission process and membership fees of IOBC on the IOBC website in 2020. Contact us directly via the contact form with your interest in IOBC and we will contact you in advance and individually. 

Are you interested in a membership or cooperation?

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The IOBC Network 

All IOBC members have their own profile within the "IOBC Network" - the world's largest database for professional business coaches committed to the IOBC standards.

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