As an international and globally active umbrella organization for business coaching, the IOBC stands for a transparent, fair and democratic association and work structure.



The association as well as its committees operate with an international claim, which is guided by common interests. The basis is formed by democratic structures, transparent admission conditions for members and decentralized processes of a worldwide community of interests. 

Members can use their personal skills and expertise to contribute to quality coaching in various IOBC committees.


Chart: Bodies of IOBC

National Associations (NA)

As an umbrella organization, it is the goal of the IOBC to unite coaching associations worldwide with a focus on business coaching and leadership. National coaching associations cooperate with the IOBC as so-called National Associations. Their members are also members of the IOBC. 

The aim of the cooperation with National Associations is to represent the highest quality standards for business coaching worldwide under the umbrella of the IOBC and to promote the development of business coaching.  

National Coaching Associations can become cooperation partners or National Associations provided that they recognize the standards of the IOBC bindingly, have their own legal personality and have at least 10 members.

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Currently the IOBC cooperates with the following National Associations: 

German Federal Association of Business Coaching (DBVC)

The DBVC is the prominent federation in the German-speaking countries, which focuses on Business Coaching and Leadership. The DBVC was created to 10.01.2004. Members of the DBVC are well-known and prominent Coaching experts, who are considered as trailblazers for Coaching in Germany. In accordance with its leading role, the DBVC is committed to seriousness, quality standards and professionalism in the coaching sector and has been the initiator, co-founder and national associate of the IOBC since 2016. Members of the DBVC have played a decisive role in determining the quality standards of the IOBC, have continuously shaped them and have made them available to the IOBC for a worldwide quality standard in business coaching.
Austrian Coaching Council (ACC)

The Austrian roof federation for Coaching ACC understands itself as platform with the task to create a community forum for Coaches, advisors, managers and high-level personnel to promote the development and establishment of a recognized career profile for Coaches in Austria as well as to work consistently on the Professionalisierung of the industry.


The ACC is a founding member and National Association of the IOBC.


Highest standards through joint  
Interest work in business coaching. Worldwide.