Our Approach – The "Four-Ring-Concept"

We aspire to unite experts from around the world in all market-relevant areas towards establishing and maintaining consistent demanding quality criteria and standards. We focus exclusively on business and leadership coaching.

We connect stakeholders from all relevant areas in order to take business coaching to the next level:


  • Coaching practitioners
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Science & research experts
  • Education & training providers

The "Four-Ring-Concept" describes the multi-perspectival cooperation within the IOBC.

What is coaching?

Coaching is the professional consulting, accompaniment and support of people with management and control functions, experts in companies & organizations and freelancers. 

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Quality in coaching

Quality in coaching is indispensable. We set the quality bar high by defining high-level personal, process, ethical, and education & training standards. 

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You can find coaching experts who are commit to the IOBC standards in the IOBC Network – a worldwide database of professional coaches and coaching providers. 

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