Quality standards

Guaranteeing high quality in business coaching requires standards. Without actionable and objectively verifiable quality criteria, there is a danger that coaching becomes an opaque and arbitrarily abusable consulting concept.


The International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) has developed the highest and scientifically evaluated coaching quality criteria. These are compiled and published in the IOBC Coaching Compendium.


Together with experienced business coaches, coaching experts from well-known companies and science and research, as well as educational providers, we have developed quality criteria for coaches, their ethics, the coaching process and coaching education and training. 


Our standards are

  • Demanding
  • Multi-perspectival
  • Research based
  • Anthropologically grounded
  • Clearly understandable


The IOBC standards are aligned with those of leading coaching associations and every IOBC member is committed to these quality standards. Worldwide. 


Quality is indispensable for coaching to be a worldwide human resource professional development instrument.


We collaborate with highly experienced business coaches and coaching experts from established companies, science and research as well as coaching trainers to define quality standards for professional coaches, their code of ethics, the process of coaching and trainings.


Quality is not static. Quality entails continuous development. To this end we link all relevant stakeholders in the coaching market from all coaching perspectives, foster coaching research and set very high demands on the qualification and professionalism of our members. The fundamentals for our understanding of quality, ethical standards and our expectations of coaching education and training have been compiled in the Coach Competence Model (CCM). 

The Coaching Compendium and the IOBC standards

The IOBC Coaching Compendium is a comprehensive document setting out our quality standards for coaches, coaching processes, coaching ethics, and coaching education & training.



Our standards for...

Business coach

To ensure business coaching quality, we have developed a comprehensive Coach Competence Model (CCM) – it forms the basis of the IOBC standards.

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Professional ethic

Our eleven ethical standards are based on fundamental anthropological principles providing coaches with clear maxims for the practice of coaching.

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Coaching process

A professional coaching process is demanding, holistic, multi-perspectival, goal-oriented and to be supplied responsibly


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Education & training

Establishing, fostering and enhancing professional business coaching competences demands the highest coaching education and training quality standards.

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