News | July 2020

IOBC certified coaching trainings

We are pleased to announce that the following coaching training institutes can currently obtain IOBC certification:  



  • Christopher Rauen GmbH (Dr. Christopher Rauen)
  • almut probst organizational consulting (Almut Probst)
  • isb GmbH - Systemic Professionalism (Dr. Bernd Schmid)
  • noesis (Anna Dollinger)
  • ISCO/Gabriele Müller (Gabriele Müller)
  • Karlsruhe Institute - An-Institute of the HdWM (Prof. Dr. Elke Berninger-Schäfer)
  • Munich Business Coaching Institute (Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht)
  • Gasche Excellent Leadership (Ralf Gasche)
  • HEPHAISTOS Coaching Center Munich (Klaus Eidenschink)
  • hauserconsulting GmbH & Co. KG (Eberhard Hauser)
  • dehner Academy GmbH (Ulrich Dehner)
  • BTS - Society for Organizational Consulting Training and Supervision (Gerhard Neumann)
  • Dietz Training and Partner (Thomas Dietz)
  • iba | International University of Cooperative Education (Prof. Dr. Monika Zimmermann)


  • European Systemic Business Academy GmbH (Dr. Michael Tomaschek, MSc)
  • Trigon development consulting for people, economy and society 
    (Johannes Narbeshuber, MBA)

The IOBC examines and certifies training courses, whose curriculum manager is a Senior Coach (IOBC) and submits his/her training for IOBC certification. All our certified curricula meet the high quality standards of the IOBC for advanced coaching training.

Not only the institutes themselves receive an IOBC certificate, but also former and future graduates of the above-mentioned training can receive an internal certificate with IOBC logo and IOBC Certification Number on request

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News | April 2020

Corona crisis: Professional business coaches offer pro bono sessions

The ongoing extraordinary crisis causes numerous challenges in various situations. That is why our members support with professional business coaching - pro bono and in the high quality to which we are committed.


Due to the corona pandemic crisis, members of the IOBC and the DBVC e.V. (German Federal Association of Business Coaching (registered association)) have started a pro bono coaching campaign. Executives, managing directors, freelancers, self-employed and private citizens who feel challenged by the current crisis can take advantage of professional support with a free coaching session via phone or video conference.


More than 60 professional business coaches can be contacted through various channels and in several languages. 

News | January 12th, 2020

IOBC introduces itself 

Management Board & General Secretary from left to right: Denis Gautheret (President), Lysiane Roux (General Secretary), Dr. Ursula Wagner (3rd Vice President), Dr. Michael Tomaschek (2nd Vice President), Alexander Harmsen (1st Vice President)


IOBC Management Board members Denis Gautheret (President), Alexander Harmsen (1st Vice President), Dr. Michael Tomaschek (2nd Vice President) and Dr. Ursula Wagner (3rd Vice President) have been elected at the IOBC founding meeting on July, 30th 2019. Now, they introduce themselves on the IOBC website. You can also get to know our members of the Board of Directors: Dr. Christopher Rauen (Chairman) and Eberhard Hauser. Since July 2019 Lysiane Roux has been Secretary General of the IOBC.

Profiles of the members of IOBC Management BoardProfile of  General SecretaryProfiles of the members of IOBC Board of Directors

News | December 19th, 2019

IOBC successfully founded

On initiative of the German Federal Association of Business Coaching e.V. (DBVC) the DBVC and Austrian Coaching Council (ACC) founded the International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) on July 30, 2019. This new association strives to ensure the quality and professionalism of business coaching worldwide through advocating and securing high standards.

Since November 20th, 2019 the International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) may now call itself "e.V." – a registered association. The successful registration paves the way for the world's only association for professional coaching with exclusive focus on business and leadership. The IOBC represents and connects coaches and coaching experts from business, research and education & training ("Four-RingConcept").


"We see ourselves as an international umbrella organization for securing and promoting the highest quality standards and professionalism in business coaching worldwide.", says Denis Gautheret, President of the Management Board of the IOBC. Denis Gautheret was elected as chairman of the Management Board at the founding assembly in Constance on July 30, 2019.

Highest quality standards in coaching 

With a strong network of business coaches and corporate, scientific, research and training experts the DBVC established high quality criteria for the German speaking coaching market. Now it is time to spread these standards for coaches, their ethical standards, the coaching process and further training internationally. Driving forces were and still are the members of the DBVC, who have been continuously living and developing quality standards for the coaching market since 2007. 


"In 2016, our association decided to take an international path with the aim of establishing and securing the highest business coaching standards and quality criteria worldwide. Standards are indispensable for coaching to be a reliable professional personnel development instrument.", says Dr. Christopher Rauen, chairman of the DBVC Executive Board. 2016 marked the start of a three-year development process leading to the establishment of an international umbrella organization based in Munich. It was also the beginning of a scientific revision and thoroughgoing update of the standards to align them with the increasingly global and digital challenges of the working world.

Compendium with guidelines for the development of coaching

The current quality standards apply to all members of the IOBC and have been published free of charge in form of a digital coaching compendium entitled "Guidelines and recommendations for the development of coaching as a profession". It is available in both German and English. "We hereby deliver highest quality criteria for coaching activities to all stakeholders within the coaching industry – coaches, experts from companies, scientists and coaching trainers. We are confident that like-minded coaching associations will be founded or that existing high-quality organizations in other countries will join us.”, says Denis Gautheret.

IOBC Network 

The official website of the IOBC ( contains information about the association, its goals and quality standards as well as the IOBC Network – a modern international online database of highly professional business coaches. The database provides a searchable professional platform to meet the rising global demand for high quality coaching. Now that the IOBC is officially registered in the Munich register of associations, the website and the IOBC Network will be successively expanded to include coaches from all around the world.

We see ourselves as an international umbrella organisation and see our task in securing and promoting the highest quality criteria and professionalism in business coaching worldwide and continuously.


With our quality criteria, we provide all stakeholders in the industry - coaches, experts from companies, scientists and continuing education coaching providers - with the highest standards for coaching activities.


We look forward to successful cooperations with global business coaching associations that share these goals and standards". 
(Denis Gautheret, IOBC President)


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