PhD Monika Zimmermann, owner and chief instructor at the Center for interdisciplinary Coaching 


Owner and chief instructor at the Center for interdisciplinary Coaching is Prof. Dr. Monika Zimmermann. 

"We have developed our interdisciplinary training program on the basis of her scientifically sound, didactic training concept. Her large expertise is supplemented by an interdisciplinary team of experts from diverse specialist fields who optimally prepare the participants for their future role as coaches. Additionally, we work together with a steadily growing network of cooperation partners to enable advantageous synergies with lasting success for our clients."



“inspire – raise awareness – enable” 

"With the didactic strategy “inspire – raise awareness – enable” the individual perspective and special character of the prospective coach with their specific prerequisites, strengths and needs are at the center of our training. In this context it is essential to overcome the discrepancy between knowledge and action, and to achieve a successful theory-praxis-transfer through constant process support. Following the systemic dictum of “If you want to make something stronger, fight it!” it is not expedient to focus on the (seeming) ignorance of aspiring coaches. Consistent, actor oriented, and individually supported confrontation with their professional goals, (avoidance) attitude and possibilities is more helpful for their professionalization."


Statement of a client: 

„Monika Zimmermann accompanied me through the development of an innovative coaching concept in the course of a comprehensive training for pedagogic professionals. Thanks to the content-rich coaching workshop as well as regular coaching sessions, she allowed me to intensively confront and further develop my personal understanding of coaching and to transpose it into my coaching practice. Thank you very much for this enriching experience!”

– Dr. Yvonne Reyhing, research associate at the University of Constance and coach for parents and pedagogic professionals