What is Coaching?

Coaching is the professional consulting, accompaniment and support of people with management and control functions, experts in companies & organizations and freelancers. The organizational context is always front and center in both individual and multi-person coaching. Coaching aims at fostering learning and performance processes primarily focused on professional issues.


Coaching is a combination of individual support in coping with a variety of concerns and personal consulting, in which the client is encouraged to develop their own solutions.


Coaching empowers identifying the causes of problems and so helps clarify and solve the processes underlying problems. In the ideal case, the client learns to solve their problems and develop their behavior and attitudes independently, thereby achieving more effective results.


A fundamental feature of professional coaching is fostering the client’s self-awareness, self-reflection and the self-directed expansion or improvement of their perceptual, experiential and behavioral possibilities in their work world.


Source: Coaching Compendium 2019, Astrid Schreyögg

The IOBC Coaching Compendium is a comprehensive document setting out our quality standards for coaches, coaching processes, coaching ethics, and coaching education & training.


A fundamental feature of professional coaching is fostering the client´s self-reflection.