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Your EMPATHIC IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORTER for company management, entrepreneurs, specialists and executives – appreciative and analytical.


Your EMPATHIC IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORTER – appreciative and analytical.

I assist you as a company manager, entrepreneurs, specialist and executive in your GROWTH & CHANGE PROCESSES with my focus on coaching, team development, conflict consulting and outplacement. You benefit from my more than 35 years of profound experience in consulting and management. As a member and regional manager of the german Coaching Association DBVC, I guarantee you a high quality and professionalism of my work.

Together with you and for your organisation I develop OPTIMAL & IMPLEMENTABLE SOLUTIONS that match your personality and situation. I work in a structured and goal-oriented manner and use your time and energy economically. My strength lies in applying business and psychological knowledge equally. In doing so, I keep an eye on the requirements of the company, the concerns and emotional needs of the employees as well as the constraints.

I support you in expanding your SCOPE OF ACTION - through new views and behaviours and based on existing strengths, skills and abilities.

I look forward to seeing you and your development themes. Please feel free to contact me by phone (+49 202 44 97 52), by mail (, linkedIn or Xing.

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top focus

  • Change-Management
  • leadership consulting
  • start-up consultancy
  • outplacement
  • stress management

communication types

  • face2face
  • by phone / over the phone
  • Videochat
  • virtual

organizations / associations

  • German Federal Association of Business Coaching (registered association)
  • IOBC (International Organization for Business Coaching)

self description

My work includes 1 / COACHING, 2 / ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and 3 / SUPERVISION based on a wide range of methods. From this rich fund I create my consulting offer customized for you.

1 / COACHING is the right thing for you,

● if you want to develop an individual approach that suits you. In coaching, I am responsible for the design of a creative and goal-oriented process: Here you can clarify and strengthen yourself and, with my help, develop results on your own responsibility. The classic form of coaching is individual coaching in a confidential four-eye conversation. Contact by telephone or e-mail can also be useful in certain situations. Intensive coaching in small groups with similar issues, for example success circles or team coaching, enables mutual support and the consensual finding of solutions.

TOPICS: constructive conflict management / career decisions / change situations / leadership / self-control / performance and balance / communicative and social competence

2 / ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is the right thing for you,

● if you are planning change processes and want to take the expected reservations of your employees into account,
● when the fronts harden in conflicts and the day-to-day business of a company is overburdened,
● if your team is constantly arguing and its performance is insufficient,
● if you want to work as a double leader to proactively shape your collaboration and bring the potential of your constellation to bear,
● if you are a young company and need advice on the feasibility of business ideas, business plan, organisation, management, accounting and marketing, both before and after founding,
● when outplacement means that even deserving employees have to leave the company.

TOPICS: change processes / change management / dealing with conflicts / team development / double leadership / start-ups / potential consulting / outplacement / strengthening health

3 / SUPERVISION is right for you,

● if you want to reflect your professional actions with a qualified counterpart in a leadership position, as a specialist or manager or as a team. Supervision supports you in finding solutions to problems, in remaining capable of acting in everyday life, in shaping sustainable professional relationships and in gaining access to your own strengths and ressources. In contrast to coaching, which is thematically and temporally limited, supervision is designed as a continuous accompaniment.


target audience
● medium-sized businesses & self-employed
● decision makers
● managing Directors
● double leaders
● female managers
● junior executives
● professionals in reorientation processes
● relatives of expatriates
In my work, you benefit from my broad spectrum of methods, which are applied according to your needs and the requirements of the situation.

● NON-DIRECTIVE CONSULTATION: Going back to Carl Rogers, it is primarily characterized by the appreciative perception of the counterpart, his feelings, physical sensations, thoughts and possibly his contradictions and ambivalences.

● SYSTEMIC APPROACH: Man is seen as part of larger, interdependent systems such as departments, organisations, families etc., which influence each other.

● PSYCHODYNAMICAL APPROACH: It primarily deals with unconscious dynamics of people in organisations and their interactions.

● GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY: This focuses on the emergence of orders in the perception, thinking, feeling and behaviour of people. Perception is seen as a holistic process by which a person structures his environment for himself.

● SOLUTION-ORIENTED SHORT COACHING: Some situations require short-term clarification or decision and can be clearly outlined. Therefore I offer you a one-hour short coaching in which we get to the point within one session and plan your next goal-oriented steps.

● PSYCHODRAMA: I like to use this method, which goes back to Jakob L. Moreno, for more complex situations, conflicts and change processes. With this special form of role play concrete situations can be handled very well.

● AGILE METHODS: Especially in reorientation processes I use e.g. prototyping.
areas of application
  • individual coaching
  • groups and team coaching
  • conflict coaching
  • business-coaching
top focus
  • Change-Management
  • leadership consulting
  • start-up consultancy
  • outplacement
  • stress management
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  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Sitzerland


professional education & training
● Graduated Social Scientist

● 2-year Psychodynamic-systemic Coaching Training, Institute "Psychodynamic Organizational Development + Personnel Management Düsseldorf e.V.

● 4-year Gestalt Psychology Training (with Prof. Dr. Sabine Scheffler et al., Centre for Applied Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies, Cologne)

● 4-year Psychodrama Training (with Dipl.-Psych. Christa Ritzenthaler-Schütze, Director of Psychodrama of Nordic Board of Examiners, Düsseldorf)

● Design Thinking Advanced Training (Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam)

● Hypnosystemic Training Courses (Milton-Erickson-Institut Heidelberg)

● Certified ProfilPass consultant (competence profile for career choice and professional reorientation)
leadership experience
My management experience is significantly shaped by my 16 years of work in a women's advice centre, which initially saw itself as a collectively managed company. Later on, we divided the management team into different areas; among other things, I was responsible for HR and finances of the organisation.

As one of my leadership strengths, it became clear to me and others that I was able to create prudently a framework for processes that could integrate opposing viewpoints. Again and again, I led those involved back to the question of what will take us forward as an organization.

In addition, I can share power well and act on an eye level, which is also an important precondition for real dual leadership. As an expert in coaching dual leaders, I can make good use of these experiences. In the leadership role I also learned to accept that necessary decisions sometimes mean hard consequences and drawing boundaries.

I experienced important aspects of what today is called "agile leadership" as "collective leadership" and helped to develop it myself. In my long experience, such models are very successful when a supporting structure and communication is established without power struggles.
  • service
  • trade
  • industry
  • craft
  • resources and producers
  • Health and Social Affairs
  • non profit organizations
  • administration / public sector / authorities
  • culture
  • print media
  • further education
  • chemistry
  • consulting
  • consumer product / food / luxury food
  • consumer product (non-food)
experience with client company sizes
  • 1-4 employee
  • 5-10 employee
  • 11-20 employee
  • 21-50 employee
  • 51-100 employees
  • 101-200 employee
  • 201-500 employee
  • 501-1000 employee
  • 1001-2000 employee
  • 2001-5001 employee
client positions
  • Management Board
  • head of department
  • divisional management
  • director of head office
  • team management / group management
  • project leadership
  • management trainiees
  • self-employment / freelancer
  • owner / entreprenuer / shareholder
  • High Potentials
  • start-up

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